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Portable container house

Portable container house



Modular Union portable container house match ISO dimensions and therefore have many advantages of this norm system. Construction is based on a stable steel frame with interchangeable wall panels. The individual containers can be stood either side-by-side or stacked on top of each other up to three floors. Specific sizes of space can be achieved by removing outer wall panels and fitting of partitions. Due to the sophisticated modular design, the containers can either be used as individual units or in combinations for modular buildings.

Assembly Theory
Package & Transportation




- Robust steel frame with corner casts and fork-lift pocket

- Recessed CEE power connectors in the roof frame

- Easily removable and interchangeable wall panels with galvanized steel

sheet on the outside provide an excellent appearance over years

- High-quality heat and sound insulation for the roof, floor, wall panel and door

guarantee comfort

- Double glazed windows with roller shutters are exceptionally user-friendly

- Electricity and lighting included

- Various extra equipment options available


                        Steel frame

Portable container features 01.jpg                                 Interchangeable wall panels                                    CEE power connector                                                   High quality insulation                        

Portable container features 02.jpg                                Double glazing tilt & turn window                          Double glazing sliding window                                       Double fluorescent light

Portable container features 03.jpg

                    Inner view oak chipboard decor                              Inner view white chipboard decor                                Inner view galvanized steel sheet

Assembly Theory

Assembly Theory


Assembly Theory 01.jpgAssembly Theory 02.jpg

Package & Transportation

Package & Transportation


Package & Transportation.jpg


wps859.tmp.jpg Easy Transportation

ISO dimensions and corners, can be transported by sea and by truck

wps85A.tmp.png Fast Installation & Completion

Flexible but robust structures, 2 skilled people within 4 hours, up to 40% time saving compared with traditional building

wps85B.tmp.png Flexible Combination

Be functioned in various ways and combined any way you like


Transportation costs reduced by up to 75%, construction time reduced by up to 40%

wps85D.tmp.png Green & Sustainability

Steel structure and materials can be recycled

Size & Typical Layout

Various sizes available

Typical layout

                             VIP room                                                       Two person bedroom shared one bathroom                                           Two person bedroom

                Two person individual bedroom                                                           Four person office


Portable container house is widely used in residential, commercial, energy field, oil & gas, mining & drilling, healthcare & medical, education, event & sports, military & government, emergency & disaster relief industries and ideal for Bedroom, Classrooms, Site accommodation, Office, Bank branches, First aid room, Kindergarden, Kiosk, Living area, Recreation room, Gym centre, Changing rooms, Restaurant, Hotel, Sanitary, WC, Shower and many more……

Portable container applications 01.jpg

                          Showroom                                                                             Shop                                                                                      Cafe

Portable container applications 02.jpg

                           Clinic                                                                                           Office                                                                          VIP bedroom