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Modular building

Modular building



Modular Union modular building is flexible modular construction system which allows for individually designed space solutions with many layout options on any site which has an electricity connection, a running water supply and a drainage channel. This flexibility transforms container house into unique modular space solutions, tailored to meet your very specific requirements.

Finished modular buildings may consist of a single module or numerous modules. From standard modular building layouts to complex building systems, we offer design assistance to help you receive the best space solutions.

Design Options
Design Options
Package & Transportation



Modular building features 01.jpgModular building features 02.jpg

Design Options

Design Options


Design Options

Various accessories & equipment options enable individual adjustments of the modular buildings to your desired requirements.

A wide variety of accessories and equipment for your choice:

  √   Container parts: door, window, wall panel, insulation, floor and covering to suit different applications
   √   Accessories: Staircase, Pitched roof, Fascia, AC holder, Canopy
   √   Electrical and communication system
   √   Fire fighting system
   √   Furniture: bed, bedside-table, desk and chair, wardrobe, office desk and chair, meeting table and desk, file cabinet
   √   Ablution and shower: toilet, wash basin, urinal, shower room, cubicles, piping and fittings
   √   Electrical equipment: air conditioning, water heater, TV, Refrigerator
   √   Kitchen equipment and facilities: cooker, fryer, oven, mincer, peeler, cutter, dishwasher, shelf, cabinet, working table, sink bench, canopy hood and other items
   √   Laundry equipment: washing machine, dryer machine, ironing machine and shelf, sink with water tap
   √   Fitness equipment and recreation facilities
   √   Other accessories and facilities: depend on your needs

Modular building design 01.jpg

                                Standard sanwich panel                                    Cold bridge sandwich panel                                Sectional view of insulation

Modular building design 02.jpg

                                 Glasses  wall panels                                                    Kitchen serving window                                          Bank service window

Modular building design 03.jpg

                              Anti-panic bar & Door closer                                            Canopy                                                                        Fascia(capping board)

Modular building design 04.jpg                                  Staircase                                                                   Steel security bar                                                                 Snow skid

Modular building design 05.jpg                                        Smoke detector                                                             Kitchen facilities                                                         Electrical water heater

Modular building design 06.jpg                                   Air conditioning & holder                                                            Furniture                                                          Exterior decorating board

Package & Transportation

Package & Transportation


Modular building package & transportation 01.jpgModular building package & transportation 02.jpg


Modular construction has many advantages over traditional construction.

Shorter construction time, faster return on investment, ready for occupancy within a few weeks

Flexibility, flexible designs used in a variety of applications to serve you exact space needs

Expandable, re-configurable and relocation at any time

Low waste, construction of a modular building generates much less wastes

Safe, fast and efficient, save you both money and time

Green and environmentally friendly

Ability to service remote locations


Whether you need a residential modular building to be used as accommodation or a commercial modular building for sales office, or even a retail modular building to be used as a shop, the team at Modular Union is here for you. Other examples of our past modular work includes: site offices, storage rooms, health and medical centers, classrooms, canteens, dinning rooms, recreation room, GYM centers, media centers, remote camps, first aid rooms, nurseries, laboratories, anti-vandal units, toilets and washrooms, marketing suites, show rooms, changing rooms, clubhouses, oversea camps, refugee camps and many more.....

Modular building applications 01.jpg                              Accommodation block                                                        Two story office building                                                      Three story hospital

Modular building applications 02.jpg                                      Class room                                                                           Wash room                                                                               Medical center